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I started to plot my Nanowrimo novel a few days ago, ok, well rather I bought a new notebook from Paperchase and decided it needed a high purpose. The idea I had for an epic romance/historical drama still flutter about in my head, so I think it would be an excellent time to get it kick started. Particularly as i will need to do alot of plotting for this story.

Normally when I write I just start witht the first line and go from there, I enjoy seeing where it takes me and what happens next, it helps the characters to live for themselves and once they do the telling gets so much easier. This time I am plotting, simply because the timing is so important and the period of history is inflexible. Historical events are a great framework of facts and figures of what is known about the time period, but how you dress it will be the key part to keeping people interested.

I remember when i was growing up, the books by Cynthia Harnett were totally delightful to read and not in the least boring way of learning a little bit about history. My favourite (of which I found a 1st editon for £3 in a charity shop years ago) was ‘The Load of Unicorn’ which was to do with scribes and the advent of printing as a boy from a scribe’s family was sent as an apprentice to Caxton. There was intrigue as well and you really learned a lot about that small section of time. ‘The Wool Pack’ was another favourite and I hope I can make my historical novel just as interesting and educational.

Sso far i have a vague outline of each chhacter’s story and the time line for each, its like having the fabric but not the framework. Now i need to start on the hard facts and then follow that with initial research. I have had books for this for some time too, so it will be great to finally dive into them and also will teach me alot too about that particular decade of history over which the story takes place.


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