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It is your job to write 1000 words a day about Joe and his aunt. Write the story, and if you get stuck then just write 1000 words on what kinds of clothes Joe wears, or what happened at his first day at school. That way you’ll eventually find your way into the story. You might not know what the story is until you’ve written the whole first draft and you can suddenly see what it is. That’s fine – that’s part of the writing. – Fiona Robyn

This morning when i checked my mail i had an invite and a link to an authors blog whose post contained the above advice which is incredibly timely and just what i needed to boot my butt back into creativity again. The practical kind of creativity that will have me dashing out of work and home to the General to start typing.



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Fear of submission

I knew a woman who couldn’t finish her novel because she was afraid of what her mother would think. This writer decided she would have to wait for her mother to die before she could publish. Good luck or bad – the novel died long before the writer’s mother ever did. ~ Alice Hoffman

These three sentences resonated with me very much, more than I like to feel comfortable with. I am happy sharing my writing with friends, some more than others and some stories written for a close friend exclusively. I do worry what people will think of what I write if I should try to submit it anywhere though I am not scared to write the stories I would not like some people reading them. I know as a writer we shouldn’t be picky, but expressing oneself through writing, writing from the heart makes us vulnerable.

I am most comfortable writing for my friend Lynne in the Phillipines becasue I know I can write anything and she will not judge me, just my writing. I have written for her exclusively a series of stories and I love these stories with all my heart because they are me writing honestly and true to things I think and feel. Its liberating to have a friend who is this way and I love the characters I have created for her. I want to send them out in the world, but yes, I am scared to.

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… now having read ‘murakami and music of words’ that someone else writes the same way i do. That they too start with a scene and just write and see where it takes them Perhaps that’s why I have taken to his work so much 🙂

I haven’t written much in the last few days because i have a cold and feeling run down and i also wanted to do something creative media-wise. Thoughts of the fics are never far from my mind though and i expect i shall finish the chapter i am working on soon.

Currently reading a history novel about how China discovered the world before anyone else did – totally fascinating and i think i will get the next book about the Venetian renaissance they inspired too. I am also reading the last book in the Magravandian Trilogy by Storm Constantine which is still very enjoyable and will be finished by the time the weekend comes i am sure.

what to read next though…. I have a feeling i will read the two gao xingian novels thta are on my shelf as they are far too big for the commute and they have been waiting 6 years to be read too hehe. It will be a chnage of pace, but it will be nice to finally get tot them.

my supply of books is running low in a few months – does this mean i finally pay off my library fine of £25 and head back to that? or shall i just join the one near my folks and bother them for things hehe. London one would be more convenient and better stocked, but i have a real grudge against the reason i ahve those fines and thats why i have no wish to pay them ….

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I have been promising myself for the last few weeks and months that I would cease to write fanfics anymore, but resisting the urge is proving harder than i thought. I have done fan-fic writing as long as i can remember, even when it was just me telling myself stories about book characters and TV shows to amuse myself. ‘Robin of sherwood’ ‘Star Trek’ ‘Star Trek TNG’ ‘DS9’ ‘Voyager’  I went through all that although the Start Trek ones were very short lived, never shared and happily abandoned. I wrote on and off through uni on various things (usually vampires but not Buffy) and then stopped for a while and started up again when i got into Chinese and Korean Music 6 years ago.

The first fic i wrote was set in shanghai in the 1920s and left incomplete (as referred to on an earlier post) which had a rather bloody cliffhanger point and that was that. I knew how it ended, i just never made it there. The next and the 1st to be completed was set in Hong Kong and a spin-off from a fic a friend was writing. and i was going to write more but that too died a death as the forum i was in at the time had its own demise too.

I then began the gangster trilogy which i am still wrestling with right now, but i am still writing other fics and trying to finish off the ones i started and yet i still get more ideas. Darn shinhwa for being so inspirational eh??

The main reason i have as to not write more fics is that i think it begins to feed people’s obsessions and envelopes them so deeply in a fandom that it loses them perspective. It happened to me ages ago and the emotional involvement people have with the characters they are reading bleeds into the real world and changes their views on things. On the one hand its flattering and feels good that words written can be so powerful as to have this effect, but i feel responsible too that this might in some way hurt people or damage their relationships or potential opportunities in real life to HAVE a relationship with someone real and not unobtainable.

I do still want to write fics, but i think its time i worked harder at my non fan fic stories to really develop characters and situations that are unique and yet still as engaging as the fan fic ones. I guess it helps that i usually ‘cast’ the characters before rather than write about who i thought they were, as i wouldn’t even start to presume i know what they are like in real life.

so, i finish what i started for sure, but what of the ones i started and never posted yet – is it possible for me to change it to be a proper fiction than just a fic? I don’t like to let ideas go so easily.

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found it…?

wonder of wonders i finished chapter (albeit short) 51 and miracles of miracles i have written a good chunk of chapter 52!!! I wont say i have the edge on this back yet, but a few gleams of light are hovering in my consciousness and things look like they are about to get interesting….

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I am working again on a few of my favourite characters and their lives from a sequence of stories i wrote for my friend Lynne. I am very very fond of these guys, particularly the one that is very very messed up and his Friend who is so reserved yet has so many thoughts. I love them, i feel sorry for them and i think i would like to share them with the world one day if they let me. They might have pseudonyms and the stories won’t be the ones i already wrote of them, but they want to see the world one day i think and I’d like to introduce them sometime too.

some quotes to inspire me or rather, that i relate to…

It begins with a character, usually, and once he stands up on his feet and begins to move, all I can do is trot along behind him with a paper and pencil trying to keep up long enough to put down what he says and does.
– William Faulkner
I guarantee you that no modern story scheme, even plotlessness, will give a reader genuine satisfaction, unless one of those old-fashioned plots is smuggled in somewhere. I don’t praise plots as accurate representations of life, but as ways of keeping readers reading. When I used to teach creative writing, I would tell students to make their characters want something, even if it’s only a glass of water. Characters paralyzed by the meaningless of modern life still have to drink water from time to time. One of my students wrote a story about a nun who got a piece of dental floss stuck between her lower left molars, and who couldn’t get it out all day long. I thought that was wonderful. The story dealt with issues a lot more important than dental floss, but what kept readers going was anxiety about when the dental floss would finally be removed. Nobody could read that story without fishing around in his mouth with a finger.
– Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
One of my standard — and fairly true — responses to the question as to how story ideas come to me is that story ideas only come to me for short stories. With longer fiction, it is a character (or characters) coming to visit, and I am then obliged to collaborate with him/her/it/them in creating the story.
– Roger Zelazny

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Book gorging

I lobve it when i get so into a book i start to compulsively read it – currently Min Jin Lee ‘free food for millionaires’ is one of them. The characrters really grip me, the story flows well and i really care about what happens to them. I read 2/3 of it on saturday on the train and while i was at work and my friends at dinner were pretty wide yeed and shocked at how much i had got through.

I read Murukami’s ‘after Dark’ on sunday on the train and tube and have staretd a book on Hiroshima this morning. Murakami is like candy for me – but good nutritious candy that i am allowed to gobble up, drink in and gorge on. I sodre him and have a few more still to read. I always regert the last page, but at least i am sure i will reread him several times 🙂

My own writing is a little stalled, getting up at 6am and then working late and coming back by 9pm is not conducive to writing and neither is arguing about food with my mother. I want to write but i just dont have the will right now. I wish i could just transfer all my thoughts onto a page and have it out that way.

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