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Music and Words

“…musicians paint their pictures on silence…” (quote by Leopold Stowkowski, orchestral composer, 1882-1977)

this quote was on a board i visit and the poster was asking what music people liked. My answer there was a little random and rambly, but i’ll try to organise my thoughts on it here a little better.

I pretty much listen to anything that can inspire me and makes me FEEL something. Music has to move me, be poetic and lyrical and full mof emotion. I have a different emphasis for different languages of course, I listen to music in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English as well as a few in French and Spanish!
For Korean, Japanese and Chinese artists the lyrics have to flow well as I don’t understand most of the lyrics – words have a poetry of their own even if you don’t know their meaning. The voice is important too, one that expresses itself and has depth of emotion and feeling. Sung SiKyung does this very well, as does Yoon Jong Shin and Kim Kwang Suk who is a new ‘discovery’ of mine and one I really recommend. I like Yoon do Hyun and Hwang Bo and Drunken Tiger (of course) and Shyne a female singer who died last year who has such a lovely husky voice. For Chinese artists I Like Leehom Wang, Jay Chou, Nan Quan Mama, Nic Tse and Jordan Chan as well as some others – Melody plays a bigger part for me here. Japanese tracks are random and usually Korean artists singing them.
Western artists I like are singer/songwriters like Sarah Mclachlan, Heather Nova and I like ambient sound scapes and film scores. I like folk music of all kinds and my favourite instruments to hear are the erhu and the cello.
I love classical, i think opera is awesome too.

I guess one of the main styles I like is hip-hop and I like clever lyrics like eminem, but I hate any sort of rap/r&b to do with bling and money and chicks etc etc as i think the true premise of hiphop is about expressing social concerns and is a form of urban poetry that can actually mean something and reflect the world about you.

Like JK of Drunken Tiger said in an interview – he sees himself as a modern pansori and thinks thats why Koreans like hip hop as a form of expression. I think Korean hiphop is unique and wonderful and carries the true spirit of the genre now as its about things people can relate to and debate about.


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