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blocked :(

i am struggling with one of my main stories right now, have been for some time but i am determined never to retire it.

I started it a few years ago now, and completed part one successfully. part 2 i have been writing for 3 years and am trying to gte back on it now and get it to work. I really want to write the prequel too and i think i need to immerse myself back in the world of the gangs and their quarrels to get it to work. The pace is different to the first story, and the breaks make it harder to continue and keep the flow – but i will not quit it – the characters wouldn’t let me rest if i did!


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is often very hard to do, but i have had to do this recently when i went through my hiatus folder and discovered at least 20 starts of stories. Some, like my first ever long fiction have been retired along time ago but i was just in denial about the whole thing and others were just mere starts that didn’t go anywhere at all. In tribute to these now retired stories i will say a small eulogy 😛

1: set in shanghai in the 1920’s (my favourite history period) it was a tale of intrigue, corruption and love and stopped abruptly with the death of a minor character in a bloodbath on a landing in a tenement. I had every intention of finishing this one, but somehow a spin off story from one another friend was writing took over and won. It was good while it lasted and maybe some events and charcters could get resurrected, but i doubt it. Gone too is the prequal and sequal of this story, the former just in mere notes still and the latter a few pages.

2: The sequal to the spinoff story that distracted me from my first. I didnt get very far, the main readers were all scattered by then and after that i lost the thread. Gone too is the 3rd part of that trilogy ahh suh sad goodbyes

and when i say gone i just mean moved to a folder that says retired rather than hiatus, i never delete – not intentionally anyway.

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