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Nano this year, whilst I succeeded in making the post count, was not what i deem a great success. I didn’t work on my historical novel but instead wrote a lot of crap about fairies. It sucked. It was horrible, but i have to deal with it and move on.
I did however manage to glean an interesting character from it, so maybe she will be useful one day.
in the emantime i relaxed over new year and wondered when i will ever finish ‘rest for the wicked.’ i have the prequel all planned too so yeah, it needs doing.


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It is your job to write 1000 words a day about Joe and his aunt. Write the story, and if you get stuck then just write 1000 words on what kinds of clothes Joe wears, or what happened at his first day at school. That way you’ll eventually find your way into the story. You might not know what the story is until you’ve written the whole first draft and you can suddenly see what it is. That’s fine – that’s part of the writing. – Fiona Robyn

This morning when i checked my mail i had an invite and a link to an authors blog whose post contained the above advice which is incredibly timely and just what i needed to boot my butt back into creativity again. The practical kind of creativity that will have me dashing out of work and home to the General to start typing.


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I have less useable hours int he day now because of commuting and it puts a serious dent into my writing and ability to start or finish anything. Its making my life stressful that i can’t get time to actually write and live my raison d’etre.

I will solve this next month i decided by buying a mini laptop so i can write on the train and go somewhere other than my desk at work to do some creative expressing.

I need to write, seriously.

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I have been on goodreads a short time now and, last month thought i was lucky when I won a book in their giveaway. I received about 5 books from the one author who thought I might like the others and after my initial astonishment i had some doubts which proved to be very accurate.

I won’t go into details on the why and wherefore, but it certainly makes me appreciate more the books we see sitting on shelves in stores just waiting to be discovered. I appreciate not so much the actual stories and authors now, but more the whole process that goes into getting a book to that shelf.

The books i won were self published and now something i would swear never to do. The publisher that helps people self publish says in their site that they offer evaluation to get it to the basic requirements needed to self publish and give advice on how to promote etc etc. I don’t decry their efforts, but essentially they are giving false hope to a lot of people who should simply self publish for friends and family.

The lack of any editorial guidance can be disastrous for a novel. Books are often gems that need a little refining and pruning – Jay Rubin does this when translating Murakami (in consultation with the author of course), and every author needs editing. They need someone to tell them what works and doesn’t, not because they have any personal like or dislike, but want to help the work be the best it can be. Its a process that takes time, effort and teamwork and its not about spell checking and punctuation.

The 5 books were, as i explained on goodreads reviews – pretty awful and i didn’t like them. The author cliched himself within one book with a set number of events – cancer (ovarian), sport, investigating a crime and ending up hired by the FBI, at least 1 virgin per book, too much sex and not enough detail or thought into events and emotions. eg: spending 2 pages on honeymoon sex and 2 lines on the death of a son …

There were also some oversights in wording such as ‘insight his furore’ rather than ‘incite his furore’, hippos that scamper, water that changes direction from one side of equator to the other (whole rivers not just a glass). They might not seem important, but they do irritate. Persist ant use of ‘imagine that’ made me grind my teeth.

The descriptions of what the books were about were also misleading to the content and the selected artwork was obviously stock images which doesn’t help. while i don’t think books should be judged by their covers, they do have to attract attention and not look cheap and tacky.

I understand why there is a slush pile now…

I would definitely want to go through an editorial process, however painful it could be, simply because i wouldn’t want a critic like me to get their hands on it in a self published state 😉

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I have been very very geeky this Saturday despite the lovely weather and remained glued to my seat in one of those mammoth tasks that always need doing but always get put off. I have been needing to streamline my blogging for some time, and today was that time.

Livejournal is easy – there is a button for that in the tools panel – xanaga however is not so easy and, whilst there would be alot of duplication, i decided something automated would be better than cut and paste and adjust times and dates by hand because whilst i am geeky i am not an idiot and life is definitely too short for that.

Transferring from xanga involved installing apache on my machine and making local databases in wordpress to be able to transfer xanga archives. I have more archives elsewhere in backup, but they will get done another time. Needless to say i had fun following instructions, inserting comments into databases and discovering issues and problems that are still not over yet.

Currently i am working my way back of old posts adjusting names in the commentary that have all come through as ‘anonymous’ and removing duplicates. I still have to reload all images etc, but that again is for another day. I have all the entries in one place now and will upload to a main blog here on wordpress and it feels like i have made some progress.

one thing i am not sure of though… should i move this blog and merge it? or just hide all the old things and immature posts and ideas from prying eyes. I wouldn’t delete them, but i have no idea if they would interest anyone. Maybe i will just keep the well written ones, but then that gives a wrong impression of me and seriously, i am a dummy at times >_<

I am tempted to move it all and just let it be public as much as possible, but then the good entries get hidden by the day-to-day mess i write.

I know i won’t write on xanga anymore, but LJ…well, i have too many friends there to stop. Perhaps i can do a monthly export to my wordpress archive and delete entries.

any thoughts?

edit: wordpress dictionary doesn’t have the word ‘blog’ in it

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Say what???

I was asked if i was born in Victorian Times on Sunday by one of the little girls i teach JUST because i didn’t have piano lessons when i was a kid. >_<

“How old do you think I am!” I exclaimed and started laughing.

She started laughing too for asking such a question and we giggled every time we caught each others eye. I love her big time for being so funny and cute.

Never tell me seven year olds are not fun to hang out with!

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I don’t normally re post convos or comments, but this one really made me giggle – it appeals to my inner nerd 😀

The original source of the convo was from photoshopdisasters.com – a blog about how photoshop artists screw things up – so we can all point and laugh and feel smug that we wouldn’t do this too (sure….)

K8E said… you kinda have to be a Trekkie, but the picture is upside down compared to the text. idiots to send it out like that…

Wood said… In space, at zero gravity, there is no “up” or “down”

mycintosh said…In Space there is no up or down!

Andi said…There is no spoon…

Mikko said...I think this might be just to piss off Trekkie’s. You know, the series is supposed to take place in space, but still the ships have an upside and a downside.  All right, they seem to have artificial gravity pointing into the “bottom” of the ship, but how come every time they meet some other ship in the space they have the upsides pointing to the same direction…

Brent Ross said… ‘mycintosh said… “In Space there is no up or down!”‘  … until someone comes along and writes text over it.

lee-sherman said...The star ship in the picture isn’t even in “Star Trek VI.”

soundeziner said…It does indeed appear in Star Trek VI. It was piloted by now-Captain Sulu (all irony noted by those who managed to enjoy Star Trek III’s stealing-a-spaceship scene). Oh god, I just revealed my Trekiness.

Blissful Builder said…The star ship is also upside down with respect to the planet in the background. I don’t think I have ever seen a ST Star ship in orbit with the warp engines and saucer section tilted towards the planet. The star ship in orbit is either parallel to the planet’s axis or the main hull points to the planet and the warp engines tilt away from the planet. This looks completely wrong at many levels.

Hubert Hubert said...In space, no can hear you tutting.

rattbahlz said…soundeziner, I hate to out-nerd you, but this ship actually appeared in Star Trek Generations and was not commanded by Sulu. You’re thinking of the Excellsior, this is the Enterprise-B.

AL7AIR said…@ rattbahlz The USS Enterprise NCC 1701-B is an Excelsior Class vessel, the second refit variant with the updated engineering section, warp nacelles, deflector dish and added impulse drives on the saucer section for better maneuverability while separated as well as a new bridge module to be exact, that was commissioned in 2293. Almost a decade after the prototype NX-2000 had its maiden voyage in Star Trek III. The Enterprise B under the command of Captain Hikaru Sulu was on its way home from a three year mission, to catalog gaseous planetary anomalies in the Beta Quadrant, when it was hit by the shock wave from the explosion of the Klingon moon Praxis at the beginning of Star Trek VI.

Sez said…@Brent Ross you summed it up nicely – with no reference to Sulu or 3 year missions, well done!
@Blissful Builder and AL7AIR..wow…. (O_O)

Ty said...We’ve come full circle!If I remember right, the original model was meant to be used in the orientation shown here, with the saucer and nacelles down and the body up. However, somebody thought it looked better the other way around, and so it was used “upside down” in pilot and from then on. This DVD just has it back in the original orientation!

Rich said…

nope…Sulu never commanded the Enterprise B: From Memory Alpha…and also from actually watching the movie:

By 2290, the Excelsior (NCC-2000) was under the command of the now-Captain Hikaru Sulu. His first assignment was a three-year mission, cataloging gaseous planetary anomalies in the Beta Quadrant. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

According to a line cut from the script, the crew cataloged “fifty-four planets – and their gaseous atmospheric anomalies.”
In 2293, as the Excelsior was returning to Federation space following the successful conclusion of its mission, it was struck by a powerful subspace shock wave caused by the destruction of the Klingon moon, Praxis. Upon discovering the cause of the disaster, Sulu immediately contacted the Klingon High Command to offer his ship’s assistance. The Klingons, however, turned the offer down, requesting that Sulu obey treaty stipulations and remain outside the Neutral Zone. Thereafter, Sulu reported the incident to Starfleet Command. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)


i have no idea if any of the comments are even right, but i think its pretty awesome that people could know that much about a show. They need to edit star trek fiction for accuracy ;).  I think it reminds me of the scenes of the three nerds in later Buffy seasons.

*smiles happily* i love ‘nerdomdays’

edit: Trekkies is actually an approved word in the wordpress dictionary!

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