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Every now and then i think crazy thoughts – usually on a Friday after too much coconut ice

Today’s crazy thought, or rather thoughts, are those lingering back to the tng/ds9 trek fic i was once writing 8 years ago.

I am tempted…very tempted. Not for showing anyone (i can save that humiliation for never) but just for me, juts to have fun writing a ridiculous and trashy story line. Like a sugar candy writing fix that really would be no good for me but oh so delicious to do.

Tempted… very very tempted…


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I have been promising myself for the last few weeks and months that I would cease to write fanfics anymore, but resisting the urge is proving harder than i thought. I have done fan-fic writing as long as i can remember, even when it was just me telling myself stories about book characters and TV shows to amuse myself. ‘Robin of sherwood’ ‘Star Trek’ ‘Star Trek TNG’ ‘DS9’ ‘Voyager’  I went through all that although the Start Trek ones were very short lived, never shared and happily abandoned. I wrote on and off through uni on various things (usually vampires but not Buffy) and then stopped for a while and started up again when i got into Chinese and Korean Music 6 years ago.

The first fic i wrote was set in shanghai in the 1920s and left incomplete (as referred to on an earlier post) which had a rather bloody cliffhanger point and that was that. I knew how it ended, i just never made it there. The next and the 1st to be completed was set in Hong Kong and a spin-off from a fic a friend was writing. and i was going to write more but that too died a death as the forum i was in at the time had its own demise too.

I then began the gangster trilogy which i am still wrestling with right now, but i am still writing other fics and trying to finish off the ones i started and yet i still get more ideas. Darn shinhwa for being so inspirational eh??

The main reason i have as to not write more fics is that i think it begins to feed people’s obsessions and envelopes them so deeply in a fandom that it loses them perspective. It happened to me ages ago and the emotional involvement people have with the characters they are reading bleeds into the real world and changes their views on things. On the one hand its flattering and feels good that words written can be so powerful as to have this effect, but i feel responsible too that this might in some way hurt people or damage their relationships or potential opportunities in real life to HAVE a relationship with someone real and not unobtainable.

I do still want to write fics, but i think its time i worked harder at my non fan fic stories to really develop characters and situations that are unique and yet still as engaging as the fan fic ones. I guess it helps that i usually ‘cast’ the characters before rather than write about who i thought they were, as i wouldn’t even start to presume i know what they are like in real life.

so, i finish what i started for sure, but what of the ones i started and never posted yet – is it possible for me to change it to be a proper fiction than just a fic? I don’t like to let ideas go so easily.

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found it…?

wonder of wonders i finished chapter (albeit short) 51 and miracles of miracles i have written a good chunk of chapter 52!!! I wont say i have the edge on this back yet, but a few gleams of light are hovering in my consciousness and things look like they are about to get interesting….

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