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Book gorging

I lobve it when i get so into a book i start to compulsively read it – currently Min Jin Lee ‘free food for millionaires’ is one of them. The characrters really grip me, the story flows well and i really care about what happens to them. I read 2/3 of it on saturday on the train and while i was at work and my friends at dinner were pretty wide yeed and shocked at how much i had got through.

I read Murukami’s ‘after Dark’ on sunday on the train and tube and have staretd a book on Hiroshima this morning. Murakami is like candy for me – but good nutritious candy that i am allowed to gobble up, drink in and gorge on. I sodre him and have a few more still to read. I always regert the last page, but at least i am sure i will reread him several times 🙂

My own writing is a little stalled, getting up at 6am and then working late and coming back by 9pm is not conducive to writing and neither is arguing about food with my mother. I want to write but i just dont have the will right now. I wish i could just transfer all my thoughts onto a page and have it out that way.


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I’m rather enjoying adding all the books I read to this blog. Its a walk down memory lane and a reminder of the wealth of words I must have stacked up in my head. Something I think I suffer from in my writing is a lack of varied vocabulary, something my blog posts don’t lack, nor any reviews or serious non fiction writing. Its something I need to fix, not that I want to go round abusing a poor thesaurus to death, but just looking for new and better ways to say things and express myself in my work.

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Carl Sagan

He’s a great writer for someone who is a scientist. The language does get a little dry at times, but you can see the creative spark in him that makes him such a good communicator. He doesn’t rubbish other people’s ideas but gently puts them in place (particularly Velikofsky) and adds a sense of the wonder in the whole idea of science and what it strives for. The book was written in 1979 and still has the hope of the space age in it and all that mankind as a wehole can achieve. Its not the first book of his i would recommend reading – I read Contact and Cosmos before this one and they are far more accessible.

Interesting points so far – why the craters and asteroids are called as they are, the science fiction novels he grew up reading and their effect, disproving others theories gently and without malice. He is a romantic of science i think ^^

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