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It is your job to write 1000 words a day about Joe and his aunt. Write the story, and if you get stuck then just write 1000 words on what kinds of clothes Joe wears, or what happened at his first day at school. That way you’ll eventually find your way into the story. You might not know what the story is until you’ve written the whole first draft and you can suddenly see what it is. That’s fine – that’s part of the writing. – Fiona Robyn

This morning when i checked my mail i had an invite and a link to an authors blog whose post contained the above advice which is incredibly timely and just what i needed to boot my butt back into creativity again. The practical kind of creativity that will have me dashing out of work and home to the General to start typing.



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I have less useable hours int he day now because of commuting and it puts a serious dent into my writing and ability to start or finish anything. Its making my life stressful that i can’t get time to actually write and live my raison d’etre.

I will solve this next month i decided by buying a mini laptop so i can write on the train and go somewhere other than my desk at work to do some creative expressing.

I need to write, seriously.

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