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25 000+

…but my temper is fraying badly.

really really grumpy today anyway and then this evening was constant interruptions



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on the 9th day of nano….

…i made 11000 plus words

at this rate i will fall short, so i need to make a bigger effort int he week. Now that my work day has settle down a bit it should be ok.

oh – and i am mightily pissed that i missed the chance to meet Lee Byung Hyun at the London Korean Film festival.

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Day 3

you know you as tired when you try to spell ‘description’ as ‘desprion’

gah. 5.30am starts will be the undoing of me AND my nano novel. Managed to squeeze out a few words at work, but wanted to use lunch to get to know my new workmates and then of course i had to work haha.

still, every little counts and i managed a half page tonight before i now head to bed. Chapter 4 i’ll get to know a little more about my lead guy and his relationships with his 2 friends/group members.

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Chapter 3 (ongoing)

haven’t written much at all today, my updated total was mostly from yesterday when i couldn’t access the nano site. I had so many issue today untili found it like IE better than firefox right now. I will have to find a different time to update i think ‘cos really i want to spend my time writring not punching in numbers and swearing at a screen that vanishes all i am doing!

Anyway, i have an early start tomorrow, so I had better be focusing my thinking on the remains of this chapter and thent he next. I’m rather liking my lead guy ^^

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Chapter 3

This was not as easy as the others, perhaps because i don’t know the girls so well.

‘man with no name’ is asleep and she’s just thinking, so no dialogue to pad it all out. Its nice to get to know her a bit, but she’s not telling me why they are there doing what they are doing and he can’t because he is asleep -_- I initailly thought they were in a differnt time frame to the boys in chapter 2, but maybe they are in the same time frame and they are all on a collision course, or maybe.. gah.. i could go in circles ont hsi one hehe.

I think in the end they are different people to chapter 3, They have a different feel to them and, judging by what she thinks, they have a different history too. still, there is room to manoever and i am only half way through the chapter. will do a word count in about an hour before i sleep, but i think i almost made my 5000 for today. it makes a good start as tomorrow and monday will really lack time for me to write.

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Chapter 2

3709 – I am sure that’s the most I’ve written on the 1st day!! I have to do as much as possible when i can because of starting work next week, so I am very happy with how this is progressing.

I have three characters in this second chapter, I’ve not met them before, though maybe one is from the 1st chapter I am not sure yet, same for the girl in the 1st chapter. I like mysteries like that, I do hope it gets reveals some time soon. I have a feeling it could be the main character i use in chapter 2, but then i think he is taller than the guy in chapter 1, all of the chapter 2 guys are, so maybe i have more digging and exploring to do.

as you can probably tell i am a bit of a ‘seat-of-your-pants’ kind of writer. I start at the beginning and see where it takes me. I figure that I enjoy the journey of writing it then people should enjoy the journey of reading it – if i let them of course ha ha!!

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Chapter 1

So OK, I started and have done a whole chapter this morning 1, 856 words to be precise so I am on target for the day. The funny thing is, its not the story i was expecting to write at all. I had, as always a whole bunch of ideas and was going to write the literary novel one, but its ended up being one i have had lurking in my head for a few years now.

This is what happened last year too. Sort of.

Last year I took the main character I had created for a story that was once started on shinhwa sarang forum. It was a group story, and, after the forum error-ed and everything moved and became shinhwa.biz, the story was lost except for the character and the parts I had written (cos i save everything) so i just took what i did and started over. This year, the opening scene is one that had been lurking in my head for quiet some time, I was never really sure why the main character was going to do what he was going to do, but I guess in the next month I am going to find out!!

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