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The Night before Nano…

I’m really keen to write this year but a number of obstacles are getting in my way – this happened last year too >_<

Last year my new job started about a week into Nano – this year it starts 2 days into Nano *dies* as I’ll be commuting from my folks i will have to get up at 5.30am to be out by 6.15am to catch the 6.61am train. I have made the decision to walk into work and have a coffee before i begin, and i have a sneaky feeling i will have google docs open on the sly, even on Monday when I’m supposed to be focusing.

I think it will be an out of balance method I’ll have to work on this with. Emailing bit to myself under the guise of work emails, google docs at lunchtime, permanently thinking of the story so that i can keep inspired and bolting the door on a Saturday so my mom can’t interrupt me – her own personal hobby.

50 000 words, 30 days … sure, no problem, perhaps it will be even better this year ‘cos i am under so much pressure.

Anyway, I am removing old buddies from my list and maybe will add some new ones i hope. am a little peeved that the kick-off party in my area is on the Sunday when i can’t go cos our area rep is partying for Halloween -_- and won’t be doing much the Saturday except recover -_-


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